Hip smooth.

Breath calm. But working. Sweet and musky.

Lips touch mine. Retreat. Advance and engage.

Hip rises pulling me. Smooth and flowing.

An inhale. I’m pulled in.

Hand brushes skin. Skin exhales down.

Lips explore. Engage.

Neck asks. Legs allow. Arms soothe.

Hip rolls and settles. Rolls and grasps.

Eyes open. Open. Present.

Hip rises. Pulling me.

Breath a sound. That smell I remember.

Chest strong. Tight and peaceful.

Hip circles and rounds. Gentle forcefulness.

Breath blossoms.

Eyes steady. Open.

Hands steady. Fingers assure.

Hip settles and gasps.

Chest. Neck. Finger tips.

Breath flows wells up and rushes.

Legs. Back. Arm.

Smooth. So deliciously smooth.

Lips stand down.

Hand presses.

Hip stays.